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SysLinuxOS 12.3 released

SysLinuxOS is updated to version 12.3. In this version, numerous bugs have been fixed and it also brings with it several improvements to make it much more intuitive and easy to us

SysLinuxOS 12.2 released

SysLinuxOS 12.2 brings major updates and fixes multiple bugs. It unifies the menu as much as possible for both desktop environments, Gnome and Mate. Some new programs are added, and others are updated to the latest version

SysLinuxOS 12 Gnome released

SysLinuxOS 12 Gnome   SysLinuxOS 12 with Gnome offers a highly intuitive and modern desktop experience. Compared to the default Mate version, Gnome’s user interface is characterized by a clean and minimalist design that seamlessly integrates with the smooth usability of SysLinuxOS 12. The graphical effects provide an elegant and professional look to the desktop while maintaining an extremely user-friendly… Leggi tutto »SysLinuxOS 12 Gnome released

Renaming Network Interfaces on Linux to eth0

How to rename network interfaces on SysLinuxOS and Debian Gnu/Linux permanently to eth0, eth1, wlan0. These names (eno1, enp5s0, wlp3s0, enp2s0, wlp2s0) are not always intuitive, especially when using multiple interfaces on the same machine

Convert Comics Cbr/Cbz to Pdf with AllCbrztoPdf

Convert Comics Cbr/Cbz to Pdf with AllCbrztoPdf. One of the most common problems that users face is converting comic image files, such as CBR and CBZ files, to PDF format. To solve this problem, I have created AllCbrztoPdf, a Bash script that greatly simplifies this process. The script is designed to automatically convert CBR and CBZ files to PDF format using a series of standard Bash commands, making the conversion of large amounts of files a simple and fast task.

Fix error Possible missing firmware /lib/firmware/i915

Fix error Possible missing firmware /lib/firmware/i915 These types of errors have been present for a few years now and occur when running the command: sudo update-initramfs -u These errors indicate that there are missing firmware and refer to Intel microarchitectures such as: Sky Lake, Broxton, Kaby Lake, Comet Lake, Ice Lake, Elkhart Lake, Tiger Lake, Gemini Lake, Alder Lake, Arc… Leggi tutto »Fix error Possible missing firmware /lib/firmware/i915

How to create VLAN in Linux using the ip command

To create VLANs in SysLinuxOS and Debian GNU/Linux using the “ip” command, follow these steps: 1) Install the “vlan” package by running the following command: sudo apt-get install vlan 2) Load the 8021q kernel module using the “modprobe” command: sudo modprobe 8021q Verify that the module is loaded by running: lsmod | grep 8021q The output should be similar to:… Leggi tutto »How to create VLAN in Linux using the ip command