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SysLinuxOS 12.3 released

SysLinuxOS 12.3 released
SysLinuxOS 12.3 Released

SysLinuxOS 12.3 released. SysLinuxOS is updated to version 12.3. In this version, numerous bugs have been fixed and it also brings with it several improvements to make it much more intuitive and easy to use. Many changes are under the hood, while others are purely aesthetic, and they improve the menu and icons in both Gnome and Mate desktop environments.
SysLinuxOS is a distro for System Integrators and Network Administrators, it must be chameleonic and therefore have tools that help to interface in a mixed Windows/GnuLinux environment. In this update, I have excluded two or three programs in favor of others that I believe are more useful for greater interoperability. I have therefore added WoeUSB, Teams for Linux, Webex, Github Desktop, Wiregui, Timeshift, etc.
As you can easily imagine, there is a lot of work behind this, so I apologize in advance if you encounter any small problems. I will do my best to make this distro useful and more complete for those who, like me, do the work of System Integrator or Network Administrator. I therefore recommend downloading and installing SysLinuxOS 12.3, as this version has reached maturity.

Thank you all.

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