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SysLinuxOS 12 Gnome released

SysLinuxOS 12 Gnome

SysLinuxOS 12 Gnome


SysLinuxOS 12 with Gnome offers a highly intuitive and modern desktop experience. Compared to the default Mate version, Gnome’s user interface is characterized by a clean and minimalist design that seamlessly integrates with the smooth usability of SysLinuxOS 12. The graphical effects provide an elegant and professional look to the desktop while maintaining an extremely user-friendly interface.

SysLinuxOS 12 with Gnome caters to users who prefer a modern and highly customizable desktop experience. With its elegant interface, versatile extensions, and the power of Gnome applications, it offers an intuitive and productive work environment. If you are looking for an operating system that combines the stability and functionality of SysLinuxOS 12 with the aesthetics and flexibility of Gnome, this version is definitely the one for you.

Features can be read in this article.

SysLinuxOS 12 Gnome


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